one of the best scenes in cinematic history

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“How do we do this?” “As a team.”

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Douglas Booth + the ice bucket challenge

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This whole movie was a masterpiece.

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(Ash): We wanted a real pet, but we’re not mentally capable of having a real, living animal. So we had a plastic dog and his name was Ketchup. And then someone, someone with a vengeance on our band broke in stole Ketchup from under our wing. 

(Michael): I met the person who stole Ketchup and they asked me to sign him. 

(Ash): There were marks on the wall of where she climbed over. She was crazy. She broke in and stole our beloved Ketchup.

(Int.): It’s a plastic dog.

(Ash): Don’t just call it a plastic dog. We use to throw him in the pool, I have so many fond memories.

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